Riot Police Clash With Protestors During George Floyd Demonstration in Atlanta

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1 個月前

Demonstrators and police clashed in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 29, during a protest against the death of George Floyd. Footage uploaded to Twitter shows a line of police cars and tanks boxing in a crowd of protestors.

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who was seen pinning Floyd to the ground amid his cries of “I can’t breathe,” was arrested on third-degree murder and manslaughter charges on Friday, May 29. Credit: @Fox_Portion via Storyful

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    If people want to protest that's great, that's a right we have in America. If people want to loot, riot, steal, and attack people who had nothing to do with George Floyd then knock them down hard before someones life or property gets destroyed.
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    Bring in the tanks
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