Road Trip Takes in Fall Colors at Itasca State Park, Minnesota

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8 個月前

Minnesota resident Carol Bauer was treated to a stunning display of yellowing fall foliage while driving through Itasca State Park on October 8.

The video, shot on Bauer’s dashcam, shows the beauty of the trees during peak fall color in Minnesota’s oldest state park. Credit: Carol Bauer via Storyful

Anonymous1 小時前
Those majority of those arrested are rioters, not protesters...更多
Mr Know it ALL6 小時前
Even the Black Lives Matter folks realize that CNN is FAKE N...更多
MrJ5 小時前
This is how they demonstrate their culture at their finest.
joe9 小時前
May the Pastors pray over them, for love and peace.
Calvin Mcd. 204112 小時前
Tangerine Lives Matter too.
TomM6012 小時前
AOC must have led the riot and burning. She's quite a leader...更多
FX14 小時前
He wants to open up the US so urgently, let trump start by ...更多
PanayiotouHenry15 小時前
Brothers and Sisters...Please remember..When the Looting sta...更多
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