'Showing Off': Dolphin Swimming Alongside Promenade Wows Onlookers

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2 個月前

A city worker in Mandurah, Western Australia, was joined on her lunchtime stroll along a promenade on November 16 by a playful dolphin and its calf.

Since she recently started a new job in the city, Kim Cousins has enjoyed her walks by the water, and had her phone at the ready when she saw the dolphin.

“I saw this dolphin playing around and it had a baby with it too, which was adorable,” she told Storyful.

“It looked like the mum was rounding up some lunch for them — apparently they stun the fish this way.”

Following her experience, Cousins shared the footage with the City of Mandurah Facebook page where social media users speculated over the dolphin’s actions.

“I was walking with a colleague who’s grown up in Mandurah,” Cousins added. “She said she hadn’t seen dolphins come in close like that for ages. She also said seeing them never gets old.” Credit: Kim Cousins via Storyful

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