Syrian Refugee Shares Video of Bus Trip to Greek Border as Turkey Steps Back From EU Deal

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1 個月前

Groups of migrants and refugees began heading toward Turkey’s borders with Greece and Bulgaria on February 28 after officials said Turkey would step back from a 2016 deal it made with the EU to stop them from doing so.

Abdulhadi Kel, a Syrian refugee, shared his journey with Storyful from Istanbul to Turkey’s border with Greece.

Kel says in the first part of the video that they’re heading to Edirne.

The second part of the video shows the group en route from Istanbul to Edirne.

In the final two parts of the video, Kel says they’re headed toward the river between Turkey and Greece to cross the border. Credit: Abdulhadi Kel via Storyful

  • r
    Where are the families?
  • C
    Chris Peacock
    Deport the riff Raff!
  • Y
    Dear Turkey,

    1. Go ahead and FLOOD Europe and the West with Syrian and Iraqi refugees

    2. Basically, the West comes to the Middle East, STARTS wars, conflicts, regime change operations, Support of ISIS and opposition groups in order to DESTABILIZE Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Yemen, Iran, etc.... Basically, Oil and Gas Mafia wars with the help of the MIC (Military Industrial Complex)

    3. This means the displacement of people from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, etc... and countries such as Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, and other Middle East countries are FLOODED with refugees

    4. So, I agree with Turkey to facilitate the TRANSPORT of the 4 million Syrian refuges to EUROPE and the West so that the Western taxpayers will be FORCED to deal with these MUSLIM REFUGEES

    5. At a MINIMUM, Turkey will be able to FIRCE the Western people to elect Western leaders who will STOP creating wars in the Middle East or side with countries that want to create Middle East wars that create refugees who end up going to EUROPE

    6. Based on the above I SUPPORT Turkey to SHIP 4 million Syrian MUSLIM REFUGEES to Europe...

    7. Fair enough?

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    who paid for buses?
  • C
    Chris Fox
    Islamic invaders prelude to Bosnia.
  • D
    David B
    ..>WHere did they get a first class DIsneyworld bus? THESE ARE PRETTY WELL OFF ILLEGALS!!!!
  • J
    Arm the men and train them and send them back to take back their country
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