Talented Young Piano Player Entertains Customers at Massachusetts Charity Shop

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2 個月前

A young musician kept customers at a Massachusetts second-hand store entertained with a piano performance on January 12, and it seems will be rewarded for his efforts.

Footage shared to Facebook by Amanda Walmsley shows the talented kid playing on the shop floor of Savers, a charity store in West Springfield.

According to Walmsley, an employee at the store said that both the boy and his sister come in “almost every day” to play music on the piano.

“A friend of mine saw my post and purchased a keyboard for him. With the community and everyone’s help sharing, I was able to reach his mom and get a background on the boy. His name is Caleb and he is 10. He has been asking for a piano for his room to play whenever,” she told Storyful.

“He has no idea we are gifting him next week it all just warms my heart to know we are making a difference in his life. I am just happy … this is all made possible because of one post,” she said. Credit: Amanda Walmsley via Storyful

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