Texas Volunteers Work to Deliver Hay to Farm Animals Stranded by Imelda

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7 個月前

Volunteers in southeastern Texas worked to deliver hay to animals trapped by flooding brought by Tropical Storm Imelda, as seen in video published on on September 21.

At least five people were left dead as the storm swept the area. Imelda was described as the seventh wettest tropical storm in US history, and left large areas underwater.

US Senator Ted Cruz investigated the impact of the storm on September 21, including visiting the Beaumont Emergency Operations Center, according to local reports, and surveying the flooding from the air. Credit: Leeanna Thomas via Storyful

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    Robert R
    Great people helping out, thanks to their willingness to get it on the ground quickly.

    Ted Cruz should stay away. Real people are doing real work. he would just leave a slick on any floodwaters as he passed by.
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    Floods were NOT brought by Imelda, try those that are Manipulating our weather for profit and control, the Zionist and their insane Geo Engineering spraying our planet with nano Aluminium killing now insects, and birds dying off, the soil being made sterile, and the insane Sun Dimming, so plants and trees cannot grow properly, do these so called scientists know the first thing about Nature and how we are ALL connected, kill one kill all.. PURE INSANITY.
  • B
    Did Cruz throw any paper towels?
Rick3 小時前
Will a list of those buried on Harts Island be available in ...更多
Marv3 小時前
Red carpets will never be the same, Well see? There is good...更多
spottyshowers3 小時前
Its the cornflakes underpants.
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