Three Arrested as Orlando Police Officers Come Under Fire

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1 個月前

Three young men have been arrested after police in Orlando, Florida, were shot at on Tuesday, September 21.

Footage from the incident was released by the Orlando Police Department on September 22.

Police said the shootout occurred after two officers “happened to pull through an intersection where three armed males were on bicycles.”

Police said “preliminary information” indicated the three “opened fire on the vehicle, and officers had to return fire from inside the vehicle.”

Police said the officers were in an unmarked car, but wearing clothes with “police” written on them. Police Chief Orlando Rolon told WESH it was thus unclear if the suspects were aware they were firing at police officers.

The three suspects, named as Jameon Brown, 22, Travis Weston, 17, and Michael Collins, 19, were arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer and aggravated assault with a firearm, WESH reported.

Chief Rolon said he was “very thankful that no one suffered life-threatening injuries in this dangerous encounter.”

“The rigorous training our officers receive for this kind of situation potentially saved their lives,” he added. Credit: Orlando Police Department via Storyful

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