Trail Camera Captures Intriguing Encounter Between Raccoon and Bobcats

1 年前

A raccoon appeared unbothered when it encountered a number of bobcats while out going about its business recently.

Trail camera footage captured by Colin Chase, from Gray, Maine, shows a bobcat appear and start following the raccoon, which seems unfazed by the predator.

The big cat disappears from shot, but later returns with another three bobcats just as the raccoon walks off camera.

While Chase mentions that there is “nothing graphic” in the video, he wrote in the video’s YouTube caption that he wondered if the interaction continued offscreen.

“So this is a location that I discovered just over a year ago by following bobcat tracks. This led me to this ledge,” Chase told Storyful. "So I set a trail camera overlooking a spot that seemed to have to most activity.

“I’ve had a camera there for just over a year now and have gotten some amazing footage,” he said. “This interaction between the bobcats and a raccoon was special.” Credit: Colin Chase via Storyful