UFC Star Paddy Pimblett Rings Doorbell to Clean Up Dog's 'Sloppy' Mess

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UFC star Paddy Pimblett surprised a woman in Liverpool, England, after ringing her doorbell in order to clean up a mess made by his dog during a walk on Saturday, November 26.

Video shared by Abbie Duvall shows Pimblett walk up to her front door with his dog and ask for water to clean up the “sloppy” situation.

Duvall told Storyful that she was on her way home when she got the alert that someone was at her front door. Duval said she recognised Pimblett immediately. “By far the funniest ring door bell footage we have it can’t be topped!” she added.

Pimblett, who goes by the fighting moniker “Paddy the Baddy”, shared the video on his Instagram page and stated that he “hates it” when dog owners don’t clean up their animal’s droppings. Credit: Abbie Duvall via Storyful