Ukrainian Special Forces Destroy Russian Vehicles at Zaporizhzhia Front

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Ukrainian special forces said on Tuesday, October 3, that they recently destroyed a column of Russian equipment in Zaporizhzhia Oblast as fighting continued along the southern front.

The pro-Ukraine channel RIA Melitopol said that scouts had been tracking the Russian unit’s movements through the Tokmak district of Zaporizhzhia since September 21.

The channel said scouts followed the Russian unit through the town of Novomykolaivka, where they were transferring 16 BMP infantry fighting vehicles and two Kamaz trucks from southern Ukraine.

After noon on October 2, according to the report, Ukrainian special forces hit the vehicles after they stopped near Svitle, some 45 km southeast of Novomykolaivka.

The Ukrainian military said the Russians had concentrated the reserve units in the forest, but were “quickly detected”.

Artillery fire destroyed five BMPs, the two trucks, and a field unit, they said.

Heavy fighting has continued around the Tokmak axis in Zaporizhzhia as part of the Ukrainian counteroffensive. On Saturday, the Russian defense ministry claimed to have shot down Ukrainian drones in the region. Ukraine’s Armed Forces General Staff reported Russian strikes in the area on Monday. Credit: Ukraine Special Operations Forces via Storyful