Washington K-9 in Recovery After Getting Shot During Police Chase

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2 個月前

A Thurston County Sheriff’s dog that was shot multiple times during a police chase returned home on Monday, January 18.

K-9 officer Arlo was shot twice in a police pursuit near Grand Mound in Olympia, Washington, last week.

The police dog underwent multiple surgeries over the weekend at Oregon State University’s Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine to remove a bullet near his spine.

Footage released by the sheriff’s office shows Arlo leaving OSU with the help of his fellow officers and enjoying the car ride home. He is seen receiving a hero’s welcome upon his return to Olympia.

Arlo’s handler, Deputy Tyler Turpin, posts regular updates about Arlo on TikTok, amassing over one million followers.

Since the incident, the public has raised more than $70,000 to help with Arlo’s care. Credit: Thurston County Sheriff Office via Storyful

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