Weapons Sent From United States Arrive in Kyiv

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4 個月前

Weapons sent by the United States arrived at Ukraine’s Boryspil International Airport on January 25, RFE/RL reported.

The shipment weighed approximately 80 tons, according to the Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said, “Our delivery of defensive security assistance to Ukraine today will bolster Ukraine’s defenses in the face of Russian aggression.”

This footage was published by RFE/RL, and includes comments from the acting US ambassador to the Ukraine, Kristina Kvien, and Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Rostyslav Zamlynskiy. Kvien said, “If President Putin decides to make this reckless choice, we will provide additional defensive material to the Ukrainians above and beyond what we have already sent.”

Zamlynskiy thanked the United States for its “support in our fight to defend our sovereignty and independence.” Credit: RFE/RL via Storyful

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