Winter Storm Dumps Nearly 30 Inches of Snow on Watertown, New York

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1 個月前

A winter storm dumped nearly 30 inches of lake-effect snow on Watertown, New York, on February 27 and 28, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

A blizzard warning was issued for several upstate New York counties as blowing snow and gusty winds produced whiteout conditions in the area.

Southern Watertown received 28.3 inches as of 10 am on Friday, according to the NWS snow reports. This video, filmed by Dan Hummel, shows drivers navigating blizzard conditions and decreased visibility in Watertown, in New York’s Jefferson County.

“Travel will be very difficult to impossible. Blowing and drifting snow will significantly reduce visibility,” NWS forecasters said.

The NWS said the blizzard warning was in effect for Oswego, Jefferson, and Lewis counties until 4 pm, following blizzard warnings on Thursday. Credit: Dan Hummel via Storyful

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    This is PROPER weather! Can't wait till it gets here. Then we'll really have something to panic and complain about!! :)
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    Not a global warming activist in site,
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    Normal winter weather for Watertown, NY--in case anyone out there doesn't know that.
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    And what about the world on fire? What does Thunberg and Frightening have to say?
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    Nature is only giving what leftists and greta want: more cold.
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    I really want a chicken sandwich...
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    I drove thru Watertown, NY in this blizzard on Friday 2/28. It was certainly challenging.
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    Can we get some please?
paopao4 小時前
At least they should have donated these to households in the...更多
david8 小時前
Slum people living like slum dwellers
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