New York Doctor Describes 'Tough Day' in Fight Against COVID-19

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2 個月前

A doctor at a New York City hospital shared a video diary recorded Monday, March 30, in which he describes the struggles he and other health workers face amid increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases.

Dr Matthew Bai, a physician at Mount Sinai Queens, begins the diary as he sits in his car before starting his shift, describing how more than 60 people with COVID-19 had been waiting for a bed the night before, and how he expected a similar situation that morning.

“It’s been tough,” Bai says. “To make things tougher…over the weekend my wife and I decided it would be safer for our family, for our 17-month-old daughter and my wife, to leave our apartment until this is over, since I’m in and out of this high-risk environment every day,” he says. “It’s going to be several weeks probably before I see them in person again.”

Bai then begins his shift, showing viewers how he applies personal protective equipment (PPE), before sharing a glimpse inside a hallway crowded with patients.

Finishing the diary after a shift where he had to stay two hours longer than scheduled, Bai tells viewers it had been a “tough day” and that he was tired.

“The things I see in the ER are scary,” Bai says. However, he adds that he was encouraged by the arrival of personnel from other states to support Mount Sinai’s efforts. Credit: Mount Sinai Queens via Storyful

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None of them working that day then ........hmmm .........
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At the reptile park. Hope they don't wander around Yikes
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