New York Police and Protesters Violently Clash During George Floyd Protests

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2 個月前

Police and demonstrators violently clashed in New York City on May 28 during rallies following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis three days earlier.

Footage uploaded to Twitter shows a crowd of police swarming protestors, pinning some to the ground. “Look at how many of them!” a person can be heard yelling.

Local reports said more than 20 protesters were arrested. Police warnings can be heard in the background of the video advising people to stay out of the roadway or they would be arrested.

The protests were sparked after a video circulated on social media showing Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinning Floyd to the ground with his knee on the man’s neck. Floyd could be heard pleading for help before going still. He was later pronounced dead.

An outbreak of violent protests took over Minneapolis and St Paul on May 27, however the clashed involving police and demonstrators later spread to other cities. Credit: @Ygfdante via Storyful

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    It's only day 3 of the protests and the US has both the Police and the National Guard on the streets kettling and arresting people.
    And the US claims that Hong Kong's the problem ... Trump and Pompeo should concentrate on their own f**ked-up American cities.
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    Nice to see a police department doing their job instead of letting a bunch of bums loot.
Red Sky1 小時前
"It’s unclear what led up to the altercation." I'm thinking...更多
Oliver1 小時前
" US Navy sailors were tackling a fire aboard the USS Bonhom...更多
Jill3 小時前
People leave your dogs at home fools
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