Students protest COVID rules in China's Nanjing

STORY: Video obtained by Reuters showed Nanjing Tech University students crowding in large numbers on campus, chanting slogans demanding to be allowed to go home.

In another clip, university staff could be seen talking to the students, encouraging them to return to their rooms and promising that their demands would be heard.

Reuters was able to confirm the location of the videos by matching the features of the buildings in the videos, and their surrounding structures, with street view available on Baidu maps. All the videos were shot in the same location, which can be visually confirmed.

China is set to announce a further easing of some of the world's toughest COVID curbs as early as Wednesday (December 7), sources said, as investors cheered the prospect of a policy shift that follows widespread protests and mounting economic damage.

Three years into the pandemic, China's zero-tolerance measures, from shut borders to frequent lockdowns, contrast sharply with the rest of the world, which has largely decided to live with the virus.