The Week in Numbers: Russian high rates, U.S. hot rods

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STORY: From Russia's rouble rescue plan to Ford's pricey hot rod debut, this is the Week in Numbers.

350 was how many basis points Russia's central bank hiked its key interest rate on Tuesday.

It's an attempt to support the rouble, which fell past the 100 threshold against the dollar.

The interest rate now stands at 12%.

But that's some way off the 20% high following the last emergency action in February 2022.

$100 million is how much U.S. prosecutors say disgraced crypto mogul Sam Bankman-Fried donated to political parties - using money he stole from customers of his collapsed FTX exchange.

An amended indictment alleges Bankman-Fried directed two of his executives to conceal donations to both Democrats and Republicans in order to evade finance contribution limits.

He's previously pleaded not guilty to stealing billions in customer funds.

$85 billion was the day one stock market value for Vietnamese electric vehicle startup VinFast.

Its shares surged on its Wall Street debut on Tuesday.

The valuation puts VinFast ahead of Ford at $48 billion and GM at $46 billion.

It's now looking to take on industry leader Tesla in the North American market, with a $4 billion factory in North Carolina.

Meanwhile $300,000 is the price for Ford's newly unveiled entry into the U.S. supercar ranks.

That hefty windshield sticker will get you the 2025 Mustang GTD - a high-performance hot rod powered by a 5.2-liter, V8 fossil-fueled engine.

It's a quirky shift for a company that's also committing billions of dollars to building millions of zero-emission electric vehicles.