Burglar On CCTV Turns Out To Be A Ghost

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6 年前
Michael Bristow, 50, dialled 999 after he noticed a sinister dark figure sneaking around his coffee shop on his live camera feed. Four officers armed with tasers rushed to Larders Coffee House in Louth, Lincs., at 10.30pm last Wednesday (24/6) but there was no burglar and no sign of a break-in. After examining the eerie CCTV footage again, Mr Bristow is convinced his coffee shop must be haunted. Michael, who has three grown-up children and one grandson, said: "The CCTV infrared sensors detected movement so something strange is going on. "I've looked at it several times on a larger screen and there are dark figures in the room and strange movements. "It appears to show an average height figure wearing a T-shirt walking out of shot and a ripple appears on the camera. "When police arrived they found no burglar and no sign of a forced entry. Nothing was stolen and nothing was disturbed, the police told me it must have been a ghost. "Some of the girls who work here have noticed strange goings-on before.
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