Couple from Wales struggling to conceive finally welcome a baby after dad ditches BREAD

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A couple who have been together for two decades and were told they would never conceive have welcomed a baby after the dad ditched BREAD to improve his health. Stephen and Rachel Greenwood were told by doctors that they would never conceive children together and even IVF would not work due to their medical conditions. Rachel, 41, has polycistic ovary syndrome whilst Stephen, 55, suffered a twisted testicle as a teenager that left him with an extremely low sperm count. The couple believed they would never become parents until a miracle happened after Stephen ditched BREAD 10 months ago in order to combat his diabetes. His diabetes had left him suffering with yeast infections that could reduce his fertility even further, but after ridding his diet of all yeast products, the infections disappeared completely in just two weeks. Five months after Stephen ditched the bread and pastries, Rachel couldn't believe it when doctors revealed she was 21 weeks pregnant. The excited couple finally welcomed the baby that they had to wait over two decades for on July 1 and are loving being parents. Video filmed 15th July 2021.
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