14-year-old girl told by doctors that her senses may never recover after catching COVID

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2 個月前
Gwendalyn Kellan sniffs four essential oils each day in an attempt to retrain her nose but reports that they smell like burnt rubber. The high school student says that all food tastes like vomit and she fears she will never again enjoy a steak, her favorite meal. Gwendalyn, from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, suffers from parosmia, a distortion of smell, a post-COVID side effect and a symptom of Long COVID. Her father David Kellan, 51, fears that his daughter will have to adapt to life without her sense of smell and taste. He said: "The ear nose and throat doctor has told us that since it's been so long, it may never return. "You have five senses and when you are missing two of them, it makes things difficult in life." Gwendalyn tested positive for the virus on January 30 and was off school for two weeks with stomach pain, head aches and vomiting. Filmed on 27th July 2021
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