This 3-year-old skateboarder from California is known to be more skilled than most adults

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2 個月前
Meet the tiny three-year-old skateboarder who can now out-shred most the adults at the skate park. Toddler Brody Alexander Dylangr was stood on a board by his dad, Shayne Dylangr, 34, for the very first time during last year's lockdown. He progressed quickly from rolling down the road aged 19 months outside their home in Sacramento, California, USA, to nailing ollies at the skate park. The little superstar practises up to five hours a day and has blown up on social media, where he has a combined following of over 1.2 MILLION. Shayne - who introduced Brody to his board at just four months old - said: "Brody insisted, and still insists, on going on the skateboard every day and he's been doing so a little over two years now. "Words really cant describe it. I'm so proud of my son. It's scary but I'm just so amazed every day. "I have two kids, so I hung up my skateboard for quite a while and so for me it's been amazing. "I really can't believe sometimes that my son is doing this and that he's capable of it." Proud dad Shayne also skateboards, and when his job in the food industry became less demanding during the pandemic he used his free time to teach his son how to 'shred'. *Videos filmed throughout 2021.
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