Angler watches as Kingfisher catches fish then uses rod as perch to eat it

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1 個月前
This amazing slow motion video shows the moment a cheeky kingfisher plunges into an icy lake to catch a fish - and then uses an angler's rod as a perch to devour his meal. The stunning footage was caught by Steve Williams, 49, who was camouflaged in snow during a chilly, early morning pike-fishing expedition on Sunday. Steve set up beside a lake near Bridgnorth, Shropshire, when he noticed the bird flitting along the bank nearby. He placed his iphone next to him in the hope of capturing the bird in flight. Two hours later he was stunned to see the little bird dive off a high tree branch above him, plunge into the lake and emerge with small fish in its beak. Filmed on 24th January 2021
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