Beautiful drone footage of tree-lined NY roads and geometric fields

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2 個月前
This beautiful aerial footage takes you above a winding country road and geometric fields under the setting autumn sun. The tree-lined lane is situated in high-end holiday village Bridgehampton in New York, USA. The autumnal scene was taken by drone photographer Joanna L Steidle, who loves the area and horses that gallop around Two Trees Stables. Joanna, from Southampton, New York said: "I always keep an eye out for interesting and unique patterns in the landscape that artistically pop out in my eye. "This location looks different in each season due to climate and the direction of the sun. "I found Two Trees Lane looks best in the late fall as the shadows land just right. "I have often hovered waiting to catch the right moment when the horses lift their head. "The horses add a variable dynamic that brings us closer to nature." You can see more of Joanna's work on her website and Instagram @hamptonsdroneimages. The videos were taken on November 20 2021 at 9am.
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