Bizarre moment man brings home 18kg frozen octopus he bought from Facebook Marketplace

1 年前

This is the bizarre moment a man bought a huge frozen octopus on Facebook marketplace - and it wouldn't even fit in the freezer.

Vincent Dunn, 20, bought the 40lb octopus and carried it all the way home, leaving his mother horrified.

He had nowhere to put the gargantuan piece of frozen seafood so he had to defrost it in the family sink.

His brother Victor Dunn documented the saga across four videos that went viral on TikTok, racking up millions of views.

The original video was viewed over four million times and sees Vincent dousing the rock-solid octopus in the sink at an angle because it isn't able to fit in fully.

Victor, from Vancouver, Canada, said: "My mom was absolutely terrified and had a hilarious reaction so naturally, being a videographer I decided to capture the moment on my phone.

"The first octopus was too big for our refrigerator and started stinking up our house so badly that my mom started getting overwhelmed."

Vincent eventually had to return the octopus to the fisherman and bought a new smaller, which the family cooked and ate as part of a healthy-looking meal.

Victor added: "We were all astonished when my brother lugged home a gigantic Kraken of an octopus and was letting it defrost in our sink...

"My brother is quite the 'oddball' in the sense that he doesn't care about what people think of him and he embraces his unique self.

"He enjoys making people laugh and can behave very... let's just say 'unique' which usually involves him doing stupid things around the house."