Couple's day "made" after doorbell camera catches mail carrier gushing over DIY pink door

10 個月前
A complimentary postie "made" a couple's day after their doorbell camera caught her gushing over their new DIY pink door. Markie Mullins, 31, and her boyfriend Milo Birk, 32, and had spent weeks renovating their door. So when Markie checked the recording and heard the mail carrier's reaction, she was delighted. Markie, an astrologer, from Detroit, Michigan, USA, said: "It made my day to hear her react to the door like that. "I was at work and noticed someone standing at the door longer than usual. I checked the camera and saw that. It made me happy." Postie Benethia Williams was caught on camera saying: "I love this door! It's a cute pink though. It's not bright pink". Markie posted the video on Instagram, where it has garnered more than 900,000 views. The door's renovation was part of a two-year-long home refurbishment project that Markie and Milo have been doing on their own. Markie's neighbourhood has suffered due to economic hardship and is currently undergoing a lot of refurbishments by locals. She said: "It really put a smile on my face because my neighbourhood has been through a lot everyone is working to build it back up. "It feels really good to contribute to making the neighbourhood a little brighter." Markie wanted the door to be pink since the beginning, but Milo, an entrepreneur, was dubious. She added: "I originally wanted pink but my boyfriend wasn't sure. So I suggested blue or green instead. I just wanted something lively. "He suggested red, but soft red and in my head I thought 'that's pink '. So we tested this colour out and he liked it. "He said it looks like a Barbie house."