Emotional moment toddler is reunited with brother who saved her life after drowning incident

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This is the tear-jerking moment a toddler was reunited with her teenage brother after he saved her from drowning. Eric Johnson, who was 18 at the time, saved his little sister by performing CPR after he found her floating in the family's swimming pool. Rose Johnson, who was two at the time, was at home with her brother and mum Nina Johnson, 43. Nina and Rose both exited the living room for a few minutes and Rose took this opportunity to escape into the family backyard. When Eric returned, he noticed that the door was opened and ran to the swimming pool. The 18-year-old found his little sister unconscious in the pool. He pulled her out immediately and performed CPR. A few moments later mum Nina rushed out and called emergency services, but by the time she did the little girl was already regaining consciousness. First responders arrived shortly after and rushed the two-year-old to hospital and put on a ventilator for two days. Speaking about the reunion Nina, a network manager from La Vernia, Texas, USA , said: "He had been waiting for her to come back. "The doctors said that if he hadn't done what he did she wouldn't be with us. "We normally have one person in the room with her but we both went to the restroom. It was only a few minutes. "Every time I look at him I think about it. I don't think he realises that he didn't just save her life, he saved my life as well, he saved our family's life." According to Nina, the incident has brought the two siblings together, who are now 20 and four. The two have always been close, but are now closer than ever. She said: "Their relationship is wonderful. They are so close. They cuddle together. They watch TV together. She shouts at him when he annoys her. It's beautiful." The rescue happened two years ago but Nina has decided to share it now for the first time. She hopes that the video will inspire others to learn CPR, which has helped her family escape unscathed from the terrifying incident. She said: "Even if it's just one person from each family it could make such a difference. "I don't know where I would be now if Eric hadn't known how."