A fed up UK football fan has called on supporters to revolt - against PIES

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2 個月前
Jack Peat, author of The Great Pie Revolt: A Gastronomic Guide to the Premier League and EFL, says run-of-the-mill catering offered at most grounds has driven a wedge between football clubs and their localities. The over-reliance on centralised, large-scale caterers means fans are getting an identikit experience wherever they travel in the country, masking the resurgence of local food and drink producers. Calling on fans to revolt against the bland match-day offering, Jack said: "Football grounds have become a blot on an otherwise resurgent culinary scene in Britain. "Whether you're at the Stadium of Light, Boundary Park or the KC Stadium, you are guaranteed to get the same tin tray grub and pay a premium price for it. "But it doesn't have to be that way. "Rather than queuing up for a tasteless pie or a rubbery burger, football fans could be warming their bellies with panackelty and stottie, in Sunderland, rag pudding, in Oldham or Hull patties, on the East Coast." Filmed on 30th July 2021
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