Footage shows two thieves stealing roughly £10,000 worth of vape pens and cigarettes

1 年前
Dramatic footage apparently shows two thieves stealing £10K worth of vape pens and cigarettes from a shop - after using a car to rip open its metal shutters. The video shot by a shocked resident captured the individuals calmly putting boxes of the pricey products into their silver hatchback at around 6am this morning (Mon). They obscured their faces with a grey hoody and a black balaclava and seemed undeterred by a loud alarm set off during the raid at the store in the Sheldon area Birmingham. The thieves were even captured loading whole display cabinets of items into the boot and passenger compartments of their car from the shop, believe to be a Costcutter. A yellow tow rope could be seen trailing from the vehicle towards the end of the video, which the pair may have used to pull down the shop’s heavy security shutter. The value of the goods the individuals stole is believed to be between £8,000 to £10,000. The disturbing footage was posted on social media and Birmz is Grime where it has attracted tens of thousands of views. West Midlands Police have been contacted for comment about the incident. Birmz is Grime posted: ''Two men Break into Costcutter/Post office in sheldon and stole £8-10k of cigarettes and vapes 6am This morning. Used the car to rip the shutter open. #reels #fyp #birmingham #viral.''