Heart-warming moment seal gets up close and personal for CUDDLE with surfer

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2 個月前
This heart-warming footage shows the moment a seal gets up close and personal for a CUDDLE with a surfer. Kieran Bland, 24, was enjoying an early morning surf when he bumped into an adorable little seal. The pair had five minutes of close interaction before Kieran decided to film the playful seal off the coast of Godrevy, Cornwall. The curious critter approaches Kieran, who beckons it with an outstretched arm, allowing it to come to him in it's own time. He ends up petting the precious pup who comes in close for cuddles and belly rubs. Kieran, 24 from Cornwall said: "This was a sunrise surf with only a few people out. "The seal bumped into me in the white water then continued to hug me and play with me and my surfboard. "I was with it for about five minutes. Lucky, I always carry a go pro in my suit whilst surfing just in case. "The seal played with me and hugged up to me. I was overwhelmed with love and joy, to be honest. "I have always been in awe of these creatures and to have a tiny pup playing with me was amazing." Filmed on 19th November 2021
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