Hilarious moment 3-year-old insists on calling conkers PLONKERS

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2 個月前
A three-year-old got adorably tongue-tied while out with mum hunting for conkers - and instead calls them PLONKERS. Adorable Ashleigh Godfrey, three, was out enjoying the autumn weather with mum Karen Godfrey, 49, when she made the adorable slip. Karen, who works in transport management, began to film her youngest daughter - after realising Ashleigh thought conkers were called 'plonkers'. The pair were out in the woods nearby their home in Louth, Lincolnshire, on October 1, and Karen wanted to show the adorable blunder to Ashleigh's dad, Gavin Godfrey, 40. Karen said: "Ashleigh just gets her words mixed up - and I wanted to show Gavin. "She's probably heard me calling her dad a 'plonker' before, then mixed the two words. "Every time we catch the bus home from dropping her older sister at school, we go and and look for some more 'plonkers' to add to Ashleigh's collection." Filmed on 1st October 2021
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