IKEA worker fulfils his childhood dream by building a ‘Hobbit house’ in his back garden in Scotland

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2 個月前
An IKEA worker fulfilled his childhood dream by building a 'Hobbit house' in his back garden. Ali Hughson, 47, has been a fan of JRR Tolkien since he was a teenager and loved the idea of having a Hobbit themed workshop. Grandad-of-one Ali spent six months and £2,000 building the two-metre-tall shed which even features the iconic round green door made famous in the Peter Jackson films. Wood artist Ali, who also works at IKEA, said he wanted to make something 'more magical' than a typical garden shed to house his workshop and tools. Dad-of-two Ali used timber to build the structure still plans to turf the roof, plant flowers on top to attract bees and install a log burner and chimney in time for winter. His sons Joe 22 and Jamie ,13 were wowed by the creation. Ali, from South Queensferry, near Edinburgh, said: "When I was around 13 I read The Hobbit, and then watched the Lord of the Rings movies when they got released. "I've been a fan of Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings all my life, I just love all that magical stuff. "I always liked the idea of the hobbit's houses, the whole idea of being underground and surrounded by nature is cosy.
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