Inside or outside — Americans list what makes them indoor or outdoor people

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1 個月前
Nearly three in five Americans have transformed from "indoor people" to "outdoor people" during the pandemic, according to new research. A survey of 2,000 respondents over the age of 21 revealed that "indoor people" have added 22 minutes a week to their outdoor regimen since last year. The top reason for venturing outside? For 67%, it's to get away from the people they've been stuck indoors with. Conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by the health and fitness app Verv, the survey also found that men were more likely to embrace the outdoors (75%) than women (51%), and most newly minted "outdoor" types were between 25 and 40 years old (38%). Overall, results suggest that the average respondent went outside for around five hours per week last year. That translates to 260 hours, or 10 whole days, over the length of 2020.
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