Man who ‘didn’t want a pet’ has fallen in love with daughter-in-law’s cockatiel and won't stop following him around

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2 個月前
A man who 'didn't want a pet' has fallen in love with his daughter-in-law's cockatiel which follows him around the house singing the tune to the Addams Family. Pixel, a four-year-old cockatiel, can be seen hopping around the house in tandem with his new bestie Edmond Melaugh, 67, singing a duet together. Owner Melissa Melaugh, 29, said: "My father-in-law didn't want any more pets. My husband and I stay at their house quite often, and we never leave Pixel behind with a sitter." While the idea of having a new animal around the house took some getting used to, Edmond quickly warmed to the idea. Melissa, a Ph.D. student from the Derry, Ireland, said: "For someone who didn't want pets, he's become very receptive to babysitting. "I think he may have fallen in love. Now Dad walks him around like he's a dog. "In one video I took, they walked around the house for 20 minutes. That was the first time my father-in-law walked with him. "He thought it was so cool that the bird was following him. Occasionally when Pixel fell behind he would jump on my father-in-law's shoulder." Aside from their long walks together, Pixel and Edmond have also bonded over their shared love of singing. Pixel has even learned to sing the theme to the Addams Family. Melissa said: "My father-in-law never whistled before, but now that we have Pixel he does it all the time. "He's also taught him to say, 'who's a good boy? Pixel!' Pixel is really curious, he's a really smart bird. "He has a bright yellow backpack he travels in. If we unzip the backpack he'll jump right in, because he knows it's an adventure."
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