Meet the girl who began competitive horse-riding when she was just FOUR YEARS OLD

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4 個月前
Little Sofia Melluzzi began horse-riding when she was three and started competing aged just FOUR. Sofia, now six, has grown up around horses and ponies since she was born and comes from a long line of equestrians as her mother Cristina, and her grandmother, are both riders. She fell in love with ponies before she could even walk and got her four-legged best friend Cindy, as a pony, for her third birthday. By the time Sofia was four, she was taking part in horse-riding competitions with 14-year-old British riding pony Cindy. Cristina Melluzzi, Sofia’s mother, from North Carolina, USA, said: “Sofia has a deep respect and love for horses. “She started riding when she was a baby and got Cindy, her first pony for her third birthday. By the time she was four, she was already competing.” Over the years, Cindy and Sofia have developed a strong bond and now know each other inside-out. Cristina added: "Sofia is an advocate for all animals and talks about owing her own horse rescue one day. She loves and cares for all animals. “Her relationship with Cindy is very special and unique. She knows Cindy inside out and Cindy knows her. "
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