Paralysed pet pug being given new lease of life with specialist set of wheels in UK

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2 個月前
Poorly pooch Yuna began showing problems with her mobility and loss of her back legs when she was just a four-month old puppy. She was diagnosed with hemivertebra that was crushing her spinal cord and her devastated owners searched everywhere - but struggled to find her any help. She underwent two failed operations to pin her spine back together before a third surgery from 'super-vet' Noel Fitzpatrick, which was credited with saving her life. Matt, of Paignton, Devon, said: "There was no help anywhere and we really struggled to find what she needed. It was devastating to see her deteriorate and not be able to enjoy the things that dogs are supposed to. "We looked at everything to try and help her move pain free again, but then when I was googling I just came across these wheels and found a company in America that makes them. "They were not cheap, but we had to give them a go and I am so glad we did. These wheels have been life-changing for her." Filmed on 27th July 2021
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