Political parrot says 'Up the Democrats!' every time Joe Biden comes on the TV

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1 個月前
Meet the chatty parrot who squawks "Up the Democrats!' whenever he sees US president Joe Biden appear on the TV. Lucky Angel is an African Grey parrot who has a fascination with the news - and hilariously squawks "Trump's a w*nker" when the former president appears too. Fortunately, his political learnings match that of his owner Marie McAleavey, 50, who finds endless amusement in his ramblings. Marie said: "He watches the news with me, I have him in the main room where the TV is he just loves the news. One time I was talking on the phone and I was saying that Trump's a bloody w*nker and he picked up on it, and I said 'up the Democrats!' and he wouldn't stop. When Biden is on TV he he just says it automatically." *Videos filmed throughout 2021.
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