Pregnant pig escapes the chop after fleeing from a UK farm before giving birth in the woods

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1 個月前
A pregnant pig which was destined for the chop has managed to escape from a farm - before giving birth to ten piglets in the woods. Anna Aston, 49, was left gobsmacked when she spotted the mum feeding her babies in the undergrowth as she walked her dog Puglsey on Monday (14/6). She contacted Brinsley Animal Rescue after making the discovery in woodland near Ollerton, Notts., and volunteers have since named her Matilda. The charity is now appealing to a farmer to allow them rehome the "Ollerton 11" so they can avoid the fate of being slaughtered. Mum-of-two Anna says she hoped the farmer would now find the heart to spare them the chop after they "earnt their freedom" thanks to Matilda's daring escape. Anna, of Swadlincote, Derbys., said: "I was just walking near the woods on Monday evening when I heard something in the hedges which I knew immediately was quite big. I thought maybe it was another dog or a badger and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this pig and her piglets rustling around in the undergrowth. I knew they weren't wild boar; they just looked like ordinary pigs, which I thought wasn't normal. I walked on but couldn't get these pigs out of my mind and I was worried for their safety. *this video was filmed 17th June 2021.
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