Spider-ma! Mum surprises Spiderman-obsessed son by dressing up as superhero for entire day

10 個月前
A mum surprised her spiderman-obsessed son on his birthday by dressing up as the superhero for an entire day. Tara Nicolina Carroll, 26, put on a Spidey outfit after her boy said he wanted to meet Spiderman and go to Target and Barnes and Noble. The stay-at-home mum managed to pull the surprise without Titus, four, realising that his mum was behind the Marvel costume all along. A video shows Tara in her Spiderman costume taking Titus his favourite stores and buying him presents. Tara, an influencer from Phoenix, Arizona, USA, said: "He is a huge Spiderman fan - just like my husband - so I did what needed to be done. "I went on Amazon, ordered the best-looking suit and prayed that it would fit." Tara and husband Treyvaughn Isley Carroll, 28, are big on birthdays in their home - especially when it comes to Titus and his brother Theo, two. Tara said: "When he initially saw Spiderman, he was super shocked and excited to see 'him' in person." The family and Spiderman made their way down to Barnes and Noble and Target to get birthday presents and take pictures together. Tara said: "Once we pulled up to Target, he was even more excited because aside from being able to get whatever his little heart desired; he got to do so with Spiderman." Titus and his brother never realised that Spiderman was in fact their mum. Tara said: "Neither of our boys asked where mommy was at as they were so invested with their time with 'Spiderman.' "My husband even acted as he called me at one point and all they said was 'Hi mommy.' "My husband ended up dropping me off in our neighborhood so that I could make a proper exit." "Once they got back in the house, I entered our garage, took off the suit and put back on my 'mommy clothes.' "When Titus saw me, he had SO MUCH to say about his day with Spiderman and all the things Spiderman had bought him AND his brother." The grand gesture meant so much to Tara but she did have to admit that she was nervous about going around town dressed up as the comic book character. Adding that, despite all the nervousness, she was pleasantly surprised with the reactions around her. Tara said: "I'm not going to lie, I was a tad nervous on the reactions I'd receive as I didn't want to scare anyone's child nor did I care for any negative judgment as our kid's happiness and the memories we create as a family will always take precedence. "BUT, I received a TON of love. One of the Target workers stated how many parents would never do anything like this for their child so it was inspiring to see. "Parents continued to point me out to their child/children and the excitement from them made it even more worthwhile as not only were our sons blessed; other families were as well." The video was captured on September 8.