Stunning video shows a flocking of knot birds flying together in front a setting sun

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1 個月前
Watch the incredible moment a stunning flocking of red knot birds were seen moving together in front of a setting sun. The group of birds created stunning wave patterns as they swooped across the sky in a murmuration in Snettisham, Norfolk. Sarah Wills, 53, managed to capture the moment after stepping out with her camera whilst on holiday in the area, hoping to spot the phenomenon. She said: "I was hopeful of seeing them but like anything in nature, nothing is guaranteed. "This was our first experience of a knot murmuration." Sarah and her husband Chris, from Wilberfoss, Yorkshire, waited for over an hour before small flocks began to gather on September 7. The knots, who have white and grey plumage in winter, gathered on the shoreline and flew up together as the tide came in to migrate to drier land. Parish clerk Sarah witnessed the display for about 45 minutes. She said: "The display was incredible and more so because the sunset was spectacular. "Other than the crunching of the pebbles as people moved around and the noise of the birds, nobody spoke - everyone was mesmerised. "In the past we've waited an hour and more on a cold November evening for a starling murmuration but this was far more enjoyable. "It was a warm and balmy evening and the sky changed colour many times as the sun set. "The reflection of the sun on the water was beautiful." Filmed on 7th September 2021
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