The surprising reason some people actually enjoy getting sick

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8 個月前
Believe it or not, nearly one in three Americans like getting sick so they can take a break from their everyday life, according to new research. A new survey of over 2,300 Americans found that a surprising 29 percent of people actually welcome being sick from time-to-time in order to get some rest from their day-to-day routines/tasks. Our everyday lives and routines can be a bit hectic and stressful; especially around the holidays. Nearly 40 percent of those polled, say that being sick allows them time to focus on themselves and permission to slow down. While feeling sick is certainly nobody's idea of a fun time, many people found that there are some perks that can go along with it. The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Theraflu, also found that over one third of respondents said that they can finally catch up on some much-needed sleep while sick. Resting all day also scored high marks, as well as binging Netflix and, of course, not going into work for a few days. Also, about 25 percent of Americans say that they tend to revert to their childhood self when under the weather and become a bit dependent on others. The survey also found that Americans all have certain "comforts" they indulge in when they're feeling under the weather. The biggest comfort? Their bed (58%), followed by soup (49%), drinking hot liquids (34%) and tea (32%). "While no one prefers to be sick, sometimes feeling under the weather forces people to slow down and focus on taking care of their health so they can get back to their routine," says Tamara Savitz, Brand Manager of Theraflu. "At Theraflu, we recognize the need to hit pause when you're sick to properly take care of yourself. Our hot liquid powders provide a soothing and comforting experience when you're sick and allow you to take that moment to recharge to focus on getting better." The study also found that while one in three respondents welcome the occasional bug, many more prefer to not let their cold or flu slow them down. In fact, nearly half of those polled said they still like to be productive when under the weather, with the majority of them using the downtime to clean the house. Finishing a project was also a popular choice to spend the day while ill, with running errands and, surprisingly, exercising finishing close behind. "However you spend your sick day, Theraflu hot liquids provide powerful medicine to fight your toughest cold & flu symptoms fast, and the soothing comfort to help you feel better," says Savitz.
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