Thrill seekers climb to the top of UK's tallest rollercoaster

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1 個月前
This is the heart stopping moment a group of young thrill seekers run down the Pepsi Max rollercoaster after being caught by theme park security. Kain Hogg, Aiden Gerrard and Stuart Lee, a young group of boys who call themselves adrenaline urbex climbers, scaled the Pepsi Max rollercoaster at the Pleasure Beach Theme Park in Blackpool on July 7. The Pepsi Max ride at Blackpool's Pleasure Beach is one of the fourth biggest rollercoasters in Europe, and it is currently the biggest in the UK. The video clip, filmed on the Tuesday evening at 7pm, shows the three young boys running down the lift hill of the 200ft rollercoaster, without any safety equipment. Filmed on 7th July 2020
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