Tom Cruise flies a WWII biplane amid reports he's practising for dog fight scenes in Mission: Impossible 8

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2 個月前
This is the first glimpse of Tom Cruise flying a World War II biplane amid as practises for dog fight scenes in Mission: Impossible 8. The Top Gun actor can be seen learning to fly a 1943 Boeing-Stearman Model 75 with the help of ex-German Air Force pilot Klaus Plasa. Tom, 59, is reportedly practising in the former military training plane so that he can perform stunt scenes in the next chapter of the Mission: Impossible franchise. The video shows him taking to the skies four times as he flies short circles around the runway in windy conditions at Duxford Airfield, Cambs on September 29. Tom was joined at the airfield by film crews who rigged his Model 75, which was once used to train US Air Force and RAF pilots, with two film cameras. Tom already has a helicopter license and a fixed-wings pilots licence. A plane spotter who captured Tom's flying lessons said that the actor was "doing a good job" in the Boeing-Stearman. Stephen Keeler, 65, said: "He certainly wasn't dangerous. "It was also a windy day so as he lands the wind is going across him, which would lift and turn the wings. "He's doing a good job as far as I can see. "All he's doing is taking off and doing a circuit within the view of the airport. "He was probably landing on the grass because it's better for those types of aircraft. "There was an element of filming going on. "I'm guessing they're filming Mission: Impossible 8, I know they were filming them back-to-back." It is understood that Tom's flying lessons are being held privately at the aircraft restoration facility at Duxford Airfield in Cambridgeshire. This video was filmed on the 29th September 2021.
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