UK woman creates Christmas dinner hack by GRILLING yorkshire puddings

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2 個月前
This woman has created a genius Christmas dinner hack by filling Yorkshire puddings with all the trimmings - and GRILLING them to make the perfect festive holiday toastie. Lily Ghodrati came up with the perfect Christmas snack after creating incredible, unique dishes. Student and content creator Lily, from Sanderstead, London, said: "I was at home and thinking to myself 'is it possible to taste all the elements of a Christmas dinner in one bite'? Then I came up with this toastie. "I had so much fun making and filming this recipe! I was so excited to see how it turned out, but I knew it just couldn't go wrong. "It was really easy. I just combined all the best ingredients in a Christmas dinner, put them in a Yorkshire pudding and used my panini press to grill it. "This toastie has all the perfect elements - replacing bread with Yorkshire puddings is super fun, exciting and tasty whilst using all the trimmings means no leftovers go to waste and the result is something far more interesting and delicious. "I hope everyone gets inspired to try and make this at home! It's a great way to minimise waste and impress your guests. "I think it's so important to have fun around the festive season and there's no better way to do that than with food." Lily shares all her culinary creations on her food blog, LilyGBakes.
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