UK's creepiest Halloween attraction will open in a salvage yard containing 20,000 butchered mannequins

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1 個月前
The UK's creepiest Halloween attraction is set to open in a salvage yard which has been transformed into a zombie cemetery featuring 20,000 butchered shop mannequins. Roz Edwards keeps the thousands of dumped dummies which she lovingly restores and sells or hires out for showbiz events. The 49-year-old has now transformed the salvage yard in Fulbeck, Lincs., where she keeps her bizarre collection into a ghoulish cemetery scene. Horror fans are being invited to take her "Awful Halloween Walk" over half-term. Most of the dummies have limbs missing while one creepy display shows several child dolls surrounding a zombie mannequin in a blonde wig. Other models have been covered in fake blood while holding up the heads of dismembered mannequins. Roz, who once hired a stack of dummies to Lady Gaga for a music video, is charging punters £23-a-head for the 10-minute walk which also features a horror movie show. This video was filmed on the 20th October 2021.
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