Watch the moment a boy is sent flying over his handlebars after a ramp snaps

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2 個月前
This is the hilarious moment a boy flies over his bike handlebars when his homemade ramp snaps mid-ride. Karson Wright, then aged ten, had been begging his mum Misty Wright, 38, to watch him ride his dirt bike over the ramp all day. When she finally came out to see, the wooden plank snapped underneath him, comically sending him hurtling over the handlebars. Misty, from Gleason, Tennessee, USA said: "As soon as he did it he screamed and I think I said 'oh s**t'. "I was kind of laughing, not because he was hurt. but you know how we do when someone falls. "The next day he was sore but he was fine. "We laugh about it now and stuff, he'll do it again might have a little more support under the ramp." Now aged twelve, Karson has not been put off and still rides his bike every day. Stay-at-home mum Misty said: "He built it himself and he had been at me all day to come out and watch him and record it. "I said 'Karson I'll come out there give me time', because I have three boys my days are really busy." At about 8:30pm that evening, Misty finally went outside to watch her son's dirt bike stunt. She said: "He had been doing it all day long but as soon as I started recording that ramp snapped. "I thought it was his neck but he started hollering about his back and he couldn't get up." Initially worried about her son, she notified the Sheriff's Office who sent for an ambulance, but Karson managed to get up and found his back just bruised. Now, mother and son and his two brothers, Preston, 17, and Jaxton 9, all laugh about the video together. The video was filmed in August 2019.
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