Woman arrested in connection with the mysterious disappearance of man from Chester

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2 個月前
A woman has been arrested in connection with the mystery disappearance of a man who has been missing for nearly three months after he "just vanished". Fears are growing for the safety of Huw Williams, 25, who was last seen in Nottingham on May 6 after moving to the area from Chester. Since then there has been no contact from Huw with anyone at all - either with his family or friends. Huw, who has autism, is described as being a "loving and caring person", who usually dotes on his family and always keeps in contact. But relatives have not seen him since Christmas or heard from him since May when he told them about a new job at a coffee shop. Detectives say they have found his mobile phone smashed at his previous address and he hasn't used his bank account since he went missing. A 34-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm and officers have searched a property in connection with the "unusual case". His devastated family have now spoken of their heartache and fears that he may have been exploited. Dad Steve said: "This is just not like Huw at all. "He's always made a special effort to talk to us but in the last 12 weeks we have not heard a thing from him. No one has. "He has missed his siblings' birthdays and that has never happened before. "He's always been there, or at least rung if he couldn't be there, but to not even try and send a message is just totally unlike him." Nottinghamshire Police investigating say he vanished without taking his mobile phone or any of his belongings. It does not appear he had any money on him when he went missing and his bank account has remained untouched. Despite numerous appeals there has been no actual sightings of him by anyone since May 6. *Video filmed 30th July 2021.
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