A woman claims to have met actor Tom Holland after two months of "manifestation"

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2 個月前
Stephanie Skippon, 21, runs a Marvel fan account and had dreamt of meeting her favourite actor for years. She started to "manifest" an encounter in March, where she thought positively and told herself and her friends daily "I will meet Tom Holland this year". Just two months later, while on holiday in Scotland, super-fan Stephanie bumped into the 'Spiderman' actor after he'd finished a round of golf at the hotel she was staying in. Stephanie, from Durham, County Durham said: "I honestly didn't think it was real, I had to pinch myself afterwards. It was everything that I imagined and more. "Dreams really do come true if you believe they will - everything is possible, even the impossible." She first saw Tom in 'The Impossible', but her interest really grew when she saw him in Marvel flick 'Captain America: Civil War'.
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