World's most expensive' Christmas jumper goes on sale for 30K

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2 個月前
An artist is selling the world's most expensive Christmas jumper - a £30k diamond encrusted festive number - which took him over six months to make. Aidan Liban, 33, spent his life-savings on the luxury garment in an effort to raise funds for the NHS. The jumper - which cost £7k to make - boasts a reindeer design adorned with diamond encrusted silver stars, 24 carat gold threading, Italian silk lining and is covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals. The previous record holder, at £24k, was made by Tipsy Elves in 2016 and came covered in 24,274 crystals. The former art student hoped to achieve a luxurious take on the 'ugly Christmas jumper tradition'. The idea struck him during lockdown 2020 when he was living alone and working part time as a key worker at a charity. After spending 3,000 hours on the hand-crafted project, he now hopes to sell the jumper for five figures and plans to donate a portion of the cash. Aidan - who also works as a stylist to the stars - from Fulham, London, said: "It is a true piece of art. "I had a vision and I made it come true. "I wanted to create something magnificent and eye-catching - which I have done. "I improvised a lot when making it, I just have an eye for where each element needs to go. "Christmas jumpers were never really in my family tradition, so I thought I'd do it in style. "Whoever does buy it can wear it, but it won't be washable as it's so delicate. "The time it's taken me is the main factor in the price tag, it took me so long. "I've only had time to work on it in evenings and weekends. "I'm broke now so I need to get it sold. I think it's worth every penny." He started the project in December 2020, after spending months sourcing the right materials and working late into the night.
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