Yob attacks mum-of-two's home and car with bricks after targeting her for three years

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2 個月前
Police are hunting a yob who is suspected of making a young mum's life hell for three years by repeatedly vandalising her home and car. Chilling footage shows the thug lobbing bricks at Emma Stone's front door and smashing the window of her Renault Clio. The 27-year-old says she has no idea why she is being targeted and admits she and her two children have been left "petrified" by the attacks. The mum-of-two's home in Tolladine, Worcester, has been vandalised dozens of times over the last three years. She said: "I'm stuck in a house with two children who are petrified. I am petrified. "My kids are constantly worried and crying, staring out the window to make sure everything's okay. "I cannot afford to keep replacing tyres and windows. "After one of the attacks they even left a knife in the tyre almost bragging about it. "Other neighbours in the street with similar looking cars have also been attacked."
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