A zombie-obsessed bride had her ‘dream wedding’ dedicated to The Walking Dead

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2 個月前
A horror-obsessed bride had a The Walking Dead themed wedding - which even featured a zombie chasing her down the aisle. Amanda Bleker, 35, and Terry, 37, tied the knot on the show's 10-year anniversary and the ceremony was held in the fictional town which appeared in season three. The dress code was black, and the big day featured a zombie actress following them down the aisle - before being killed by a Rick Grimes impersonator. The bride from Dadeville, Alabama, US, said: "Neither of us wanted a traditional white wedding, so we said 'screw tradition' and ditched the church bells. "I've been the hugest fan of The Walking Dead since it came out in 2010 so it was perfect for me. "I took inspiration from other people, but we wanted the wedding to be unique so we really tried to make it our own. Filmed 31st October 2020
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